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Nov 15, 2020 · He knew that you would never Get well on earth again. He saw the road was getting rough And the hills were hard to climb. So he closed your weary eyelids And whispered, ‘Peace bethine’. It broke our hearts to lose you But you didn’t go alone, For part of us went with you The day God called you home. If roses grow in heaven . If roses grow ... God saw you getting tired, And a cure was not to be. So he put his arms around you, And whispered, “Come along with me.” With tearful eyes we watched you Slowly fade away. Although we loved you dearly, We knew you couldn’t stay. A golden heart stopped beating, Working hands were put to rest. God broke my heart to prove to us, He only ...

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Oct 31, 2016 · "I know that you are weary and carry heavy burdens, Sharon." "Oh Lord, yes, my burdens are heavy and I am so very tired, so weighed down by the worry and care and concerns that I bear." "This is why I bid you to come to Me. I will give you rest." "Rest sounds so nice, Lord. And yet, it seems impossible to my weary soul." "Then take My yoke upon ...
When we are weary and in need of strength we remember them. When we are lost and sick at heart we remember them. When we have decisions that are difficult to make we remember them. When we have joy we crave to share we remember them. God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be, So he put his arms around you and whispered "Come to me".

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If you would like to contribute a poem about butterflies to the collection please don’t hesitate to get in contact today. I always enjoy reading user submitted work so please do send it in. If you get selected for the website I will email you back and let you know.
God knows it died the day you left My dream world fell a part. Weary blues from waitin' Lord, I've been waitin' too long These blues have got me cryin' Thru tears I watch young lovers As they go strollin' by Oh, all the things that might have been God forgive me if I cry. Weary blues from waitin' Lord, I've been waitin' too long Mar 01, 2013 · Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi (1207-1273), was a Sufi mystic, jurist, theologian, and one of the world's most beloved poet, poured out thousands of verses expressing a wonderful, high-soaring love for Allah SWT.

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On this page you can see several beautiful images of God that show something of His heart, His character and His actions. These God photos help you discover who God is and how deep His love is for you. Take some time to let these images and photos of God show you how overwhelmingly beautiful God is.
God's garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best. He knew that you were suffering, He knew you were in pain, He knew that you would never Get well on earth again. He saw the road was getting rough, And the hills were hard to climb, So He closed your weary eyelids, And whispered "Peace be thine." It broke our hearts to lose you. But you didn't go alone, For part of us went with you,The day God called you home." The "Poem of the Man-God" (or "THE GOSPEL AS REVEALED TO ME" as it is entitled now) has also made a deep impression upon my spiritual life over the years, and it remains one of my own personal favorites. Thanks again and may God bless you and your loved ones, Glenn Dallaire January 25, 2017 at 10:43 AM

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I wrung it in a weary land. But take it: if the smack is sour, The better for the embittered hour; It should do good to heart and head When your soul is in my soul's stead; And I will friend you, if I may, In the dark and cloudy day. There was a king reigned in the East: There, when kings will sit to feast, They get their fill before they think
I saw a girl today, you know One of those you see The kind that beg for money That stand on the side of the street I saw a... Armor For Reality Everyday is a war, A war that cannot be won, A war between the broken and reality, While society is saying what we need to... Dec 05, 2013 · Hopkins is mostly noted for his unique imagery and his use of sprung-rhythm, a form of poetry he largely developed himself. I have decided to share the poem God’s Grandeur, one of his most famous and evocative poems. God’s Grandeur. The world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;

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See more ideas about Poems, Grief quotes, Miss you dad. God Saw You Getting Tired. A collection of semi religious funeral poems that hel… | 1000 - Modern.
Feb 28, 2017 · The poem "When You Are Old" is about getting older and when you reach that certain point in life where you can't go certain places anymore. The author William Butler Yeats is an Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th century literature. I think that maybe his age, growing, and thoughts inspired him to write this poem. To help you decide on a suitable memorial verse, we have compiled a list of 80 of the most popular poems, sayings and verses. Of course you are not restricted to these. If you have a favourite or a more suitable verse that you would like to include, feel free to send it to us.

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Mar 18, 2011 · God handed me some paper and His own personal pen to write you this letter with. I think Gabriel is the name of the angel that is going to drop this letter off to you. God said for me to give you the answer to one of the questions you asked Him about. Where was He when I needed him? God said, "The same place He was when Jesus was on the Cross.
The weary hours, the days of pain, The sleepless nights have passed; The ever patient worn-out frame Has found sweet rest at last. God Saw that you were weary So He did what He knows best. He came and stood beside you, And whispered, “Come and rest.” You bid no one a last farewell, Not even a goodbye. You were gone before we knew it,